Our flexibles profiles for plasterboard have been created to offer the perfect and adaptable solution for unique projects and ideas that include curving elements. Let us find out how to create barrel vaults in just few simple steps.

It is easier than you think!

In this case in order to build a barrel vault with dimensions of 3 x 3,50 meters, you need to:

  • Trace the perimeter of the desired vault by installing Cobra curving profile 30 mm along the existing perimetrical walls
  • By hand, bend the side of the profile to the desired inclination on the two linear sides of the vault
  • Install the primary standard metal structure with profiles C49x27 (or C60x27) and the secondary structure with the Concave curving studs and orthogonal hooks (as for a flat ceiling)
  • The primary structure will distance 40 cm (or 50 cm), while the secondary 30cm (or 40cm, it depends on the radius of curvature)
  • Fix the structure with straight hooks, double hangers with double spring. The spacing should be of 100 x 80 cm to ensure the stability of the inclined primary studs
  • Proceed with the plasterboard laying (thickness 6 mm/10 mm), which will find a continuous structure for perfect shaping



Follow this installation scheme to determine the distance between the curving profiles and between the hangers:


You will obtain a barrel vault like this one:


Download our Manual to find out more.

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