The result of careful study and thanks to the experience gained in the plasterboard sector, we offer our customers and partners a series of products that simplify the installation of curved plasterboard structures. Thanks to their innovative features, our COBRA tracks and CONCAV&CONVEX metal studs allow you to overcome any difficulty on the building site.






Our flexible profiles for plasterboard are the perfect blend of flexibility, lightness, and robustness. They are made of zinc-coated steel, with a thickness of 0,6 mm in accordance with the standards EN 10346 and EN 10143 and they are available in five dimensions. Thanks to their thickness, they are both extremely flexible and strong.

In fact, it can be fixed to the wall by just one person, with a considerable saving in labour costs and, once the desired curvature is reached, the profile keeps firmly the shape.

Follow the video tutorials and discover the world of flexible profiles for plasterboard!

COBRA tracks can be easily bent by hand

Once bent to the required shape (in any direction) by hand, our flexible COBRA tracks maintain their curvature without the need of additional fixing tools or materials.

How to bend the CONCAV metal studs

The CONCAV metal stud is designed for the construction of concave elements such as barrel vaults, arches, cross vaults, domes, pavilion vaults, etc.

How to bend the CONVEX metal studs

The CONVEX metal stud, instead, is ideal to create convex elements, with the curve facing outwards, as for the creation of waves and cornices. In addition, they are useful for covering ventilation conducts, beams, corners, and columns, improving acoustic comfort, and obtaining an aesthetically appealing result.

Integrated VARIANGLE

Once fixed to the wall, the sides of the curving profile can be oriented to any angle in order to create inclined ceilings, cone-shaped walls etc. In this way, it is much easier to connect a linear surface to a curved one and you will not need any additional product to achieve it!

So far, the technical advantages and smart adaptability of our COBRA profiles have raised great interest among installers, drywall manufacturers, architects, and interior designers on a national and international level, both for commercial and domestic projects. Furthermore, the easy application of COBRA range of products enables all DIY consumers to easily build a curving project, allowing everyone to realise their idea in a fast way, even without any particular technical skill.

I PROFILI offers solutions suitable for peculiar design and building purpose, with a unique flexible system, simplifying the construction of sophisticated decorations.

The innovative Flexible System to give shape to your imagination!

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