NEW Products: Finishing Profiles and Accessories

NEW PRODUCTS FOR NEW SOLUTIONS iProfili is pleased to announce the introduction of brand new items in its product range! In addition to the flexible profiles for plasterboard, we have decided to include in our product range profiles and finishing accessories for plasterboard walls and ceilings. CORNER BEADS EDGE BEADS and FRAME PROFILES OMEGA LED PROFILES […]

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INNOVATIVE & REVOLUTIONARY: Flexible Profiles for Plasterboard

The result of careful study and thanks to the experience gained in the plasterboard sector, we offer our customers and partners a series of products that simplify the installation of curved plasterboard structures. Thanks to their innovative features, our COBRA tracks and CONCAV&CONVEX metal studs allow you to overcome any difficulty on the building site. […]

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The revolution in the world of plasterboard has just begun!

We are talking about flexible profiles for plasterboard. A flexible system capable of adapting to the needs of the individual person is becoming increasingly popular in Italy, as well as abroad. Modern.. Easy.. Fast.. Thanks to our previous experiences in dry construction, a new range of products has been invented and patented, which combines practical […]

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Curved shapes in plasterboard and acoustics – an exceptional combination.

Plasterboard and acoustics are often two closely related terms. In fact, during the construction of a plasterboard wall or ceiling, acoustics is also at the core of the project in order to improve acoustic comfort. With flexible profiles and studs we offer our customers the possibility to adapt their needs to any type of environment! […]

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BEFORE and AFTER: here is how a curved element improves the aesthetics of the room

The addition of a curved element to a linear squared space can quickly make the atmosphere of your environment more welcoming and refined. Do you think it is complicated to make curved shapes of plasterboard? With us it is simple! Our flexible profiles easily create beauty and harmony in spaces! Our products are ideal for […]

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BLEND – flush flexible LED profile

I PROFILI srl is happy to introduce a brand new product to its range: BLEND.   BLEND is a flush flexible aluminium profile for LED stripes that can be adapted to every mould, both for walls and ceilings, straight or even to create curving shapes. It’s flexible and adjustable so that it can become a design lamp […]

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