Building a cross vault has never been so fast and easy! Our flexible profiles have been invented to satisfy your creative needs and simplify the process of building curving elements.

You can create your cross vault, just by following few simple steps!

Below you can find a description of the building process of a cross vault for plasterboard with dimensions of 3 x 3,50 meters:

  • Trace the perimeter of the vault along the existing perimetral walls
  • Fix the plasterboard sheets, starting from each corner, to obtain the centre and the height of the arcades
  • Trace the desired arch onto the plasterboard sheet and cut away any excess
  • Fix the Cobra profile 30 mm (or Cobra 50 mm) on both the sides of each sheet and insert standard studs C49X27 (or C60X27) with variable distances according to the curving radius
  • Proceed with the plasterboard laying (thickness 6mm/10 mm), that will find a continuous structure for a perfect shaping


Follow this installation scheme to determine the distance between the curving profiles and between the hangers:


Here is the result:


Download our Manual to find out more.

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