We are talking about flexible profiles for plasterboard.

A flexible system capable of adapting to the needs of the individual person is becoming increasingly popular in Italy, as well as abroad.

Modern.. Easy.. Fast..

Thanks to our previous experiences in dry construction, a new range of products has been invented and patented, which combines practical and innovative results: COBRA flexible tracks and flexible studs CONCAV & CONVEX.

The flexible tracks and studs, in fact, allow you to easily and quickly create curved walls, domes, arches, curved false ceilings, barrel vaults, cross vaults, curved downstands and any curved design element you want to create.


Cutting profiles is now a thing of the past: long installation time, high risk of calculation errors. If you choose our flexible profiles for plasterboard, you will take a leap into the future, because you will be able to create curved structures in a very short time and easily, directly on the building site.

In fact, once bent (easily by hand), they maintain the curvature, and guarantee perfect stability of the structure without the use of additional support tools.



Thanks to the versatility of use of curved profiles, patented and certified according to European standards, it is possible to carry out complex projects such as museums and exhibition halls, saving time and manpower.

In this case, thanks to the peculiar characteristics of our profiles, it is possible to cover existing ceilings and walls with plasterboard, creating arches, barrel vaults, cross vaults, pointed arches. Next, the strategic positioning of LEDs on the curved structure allows to obtain a scenographic result that highlights the structure itself.

Lately, the use of plasterboard is preferred to carry out this type of interventions and with the help of products such as guides and flexible uprights the result is guaranteed and easily achieved by professional installers and amateur users.


What are you waiting for?

Join the revolution and let your creativity run wild!


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