A Tuscan villa with curved shapes – the curved ceilings

Let’s go on with the discovery of the other curved details of the beautiful Tuscan villa. Different rooms of this project have been decorated with special curved ceilings. The presence of big curved windows create a perfect space for a “lunette”, a curved space that serves as connection between the wall and the false-ceiling. The […]

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Summer holidays

Happy summer! Our office will be closed from the 6 to the 19 of August and we’ll be back on Monday August, 20. If you need information contact us at generalinfo@iprofili.com and we’ll be happy to reply as soon as we reopen. Don’t forget to follow us on our Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube page!

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How to build a curved ceiling with waves using flexible profiles for plasterboard

I PROFILI’s products are the perfect solution to realise curving elements with plasterboard materials. Curved ceilings sometimes can be a challenge, but COBRA system will help you to do the job in a easy and quick way. You can install the ceiling framework easily and obtain an incredible DIY project. You will be amazed by […]

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