Plasterboard and acoustics are often two closely related terms.

In fact, during the construction of a plasterboard wall or ceiling, acoustics is also at the core of the project in order to improve acoustic comfort.

With flexible profiles and studs we offer our customers the possibility to adapt their needs to any type of environment!

Imagine, for example, the open spaces in schools, offices, gyms, or clinics… a dynamic curved wall or ceiling combines style and function to maximise the performance and well-being of the building occupants.
Our products, therefore, offer the optimal solution for the design of any curved structure.

Whether it is a dome, a wavy ceiling or a vault, the acoustics theme always plays an important role!

Historically, since the times of the ancient Romans, the amphitheatre, with its semicircle shape, allowed the entire audience to listen perfectly and enjoy public ceremonies and theatrical performances.


Using our CONCAV&CONVEX deformable studs, in combination with the COBRA 30mm flexible tracks as a perimeter, it will be quick and easy to build a curved ceiling of plasterboard.


Let’s take a look now at which curved structures improve the acoustic performance:


The wavy and sinuous pattern of the ceiling not only offers the room a harmonious and unique atmosphere, but also creates the correct absorption and diffusion of sound.


The perfect concave shapes of a dome ensure that sound travels through space and is received perfectly at different points. The structure, in this case, is very functional in terms of acoustics and the atmosphere that is obtained is refined and refined.


The arches inside a vault manage to create a bizarre acoustic effect. Two examples are the cross vaults found at the Palazzo del Podestà in Bologna (Italy) and at the Grand Central Station in Manhattan in New York (United States).

Try it yourself: stand in one of the corners with your face facing the wall, your friend will position himself in the corner of the opposite pillar and start whispering… you will be able to communicate as if you were standing next to each other. This happens thanks to the shape of the vault: the sound follows the curve of the arch up to the ceiling before descending on the other side.

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