The addition of a curved element to a linear squared space can quickly make the atmosphere of your environment more welcoming and refined.

Do you think it is complicated to make curved shapes of plasterboard?

With us it is simple!

Our flexible profiles easily create beauty and harmony in spaces!

Our products are ideal for creating innovative curved shapes within pre-existing spaces with the aim of pleasantly renovating them, perhaps with the addition of a bright LED strip to emphasize the result.

The flexible profiles and studs are quick and easy to install, they are the only patented and certified deformable products for walls and ceilings on the market, according to the European standards, so what are you waiting for?

Create some curved shapes and give free rein to your creativity, the only limit is your imagination!

For example, the procedure for creating a curved downstand in any environment you want to renovate is:

Trace the curved line on the ceiling, according to the downstand you want

Fix the COBRA 30 mm profile to the ceiling with the screws according to the outlined curvature

Cut a sheet of plasterboard according to the desired thickness of the downstand

Fix the cut plasterboard to the profile (previously installed on the ceiling)

Attach another COBRA 30 mm profile to the lower edge of the plasterboard

Install universal brackets on the ceiling to provide a support point for the studs

Fix the standard studs on one side to the lower COBRA 30 mm profile fixed to the plasterboard and on the other to the universal brackets

Cover the ceiling with plasterboard sheets and fasten them with screws

Trim the excess edge of the plasterboard, according to the curve you want to achieve

Refine the edge of the plasterboard and insert some corner beads

Plaster it all and insert a bright LED strip along the protruding edge as desired

And now enjoy your creation!

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