I PROFILI’s products are the perfect solution to realise curving elements with plasterboard materials.
Curved ceilings sometimes can be a challenge, but COBRA system will help you to do the job in a easy and quick way.
You can install the ceiling framework easily and obtain an incredible DIY project.
You will be amazed by the rapidity of the process!

In this case in order to build a wavy ceiling with plasterboard, dimensions of 3 x 3,50 meters, you need to proceed as follows:
– trace the perimeter of the desired false ceiling by installing Cobra flexible profile 30mm along the existing perimetrical walls
– mark the positions of hangers in the direction of the primary structure

– install the primary standard metal structure with profiles C49X27 (or C60x27) at a distance of 40 cm (or 50 cm, as for a normal ceiling) following the perimeter previously traced.
– bend the Concave and Convex Curving Studs and connect them with a linear joint 60x27mm to obtain the curvature with the desired radius
– connect the Concave & Convex Curving Studs to the primary metal framework with orthogonal hooks

– Follow this installation scheme to determine the distance between the curving profiles and between the hangers– complete your wavy structure with the plasterboard laying (thickness 6 mm/10 mm), that will find a continuous structure for optimum shaping.

– you will obtain a curved false ceiling like this one:

Download our Manual and begin to build your own wavy ceiling!

In case you need more information, feel free to contact us at generalinfo@iprofili.com or upload your draft projects here and we’ll help you to calculate the materials you need.