I Profili’s curving profiles were chosen to create curving shapes in a particular design in Matera.

The Fortified Masseria (Farmhouse) San Francesco is located in Matera, on a hill overlooking the Bradano valley.

The oldest part of the complex dates back to the 1600s, today the farm is an elegant hotel that has been recently renovated and expanded.

The project aimed at maintaining a stylistic continuity between the oldest and most historic part of the complex and the newly built rooms.

For this purpose the CONCAV Curving Studs were chosen to create vaulted ceilings inside the suites and on the corridor that connects the two areas of the mansion.

The barrel vault is a clear reference to the vaults dug into tuff stones typical of Matera’s architecture, noticeable inside the historic part of the farmhouse.

CONCAV STUDS are ideal for creating curving shapes in a fast way.

Easy to bend, they maintain the shape according to the desired radius of curvature and they can also be installed by just one person.

The vault is made with a double metal framework, as for a normal flat ceiling, then the structure was covered with normal plasterboard.

The project is also characterized by a long hallway 10 meters long that connects the historic area, carved into the stone, with the rooms of the new annex.

Even in this case CONCAV Studs were used for the creation of the barrel vault. Thanks to the structure of the flexible studs, it was possible to easily create a vault with a perimetral recessed spotlight that emphasizes the curvature of the ceiling.

In this case we choose a natural wood finishing, in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The choice of materials was always made taking into consideration the local tradition, without giving up contemporary design.

CONCAV STUDS are ideal for the realisation of curved false ceilings, combining technological innovation and refined style.