Post in collaboration with Promani


Do you remember the wine cellar where we installed the cross vaults’ framework? Now we will find out how the project was completed and what type of lighting was chosen for the curved ceiling.

After having created the structure of the cross vaults with our Cobra profiles in the barrel room, the installers closed the vaults with plasterboard.

On the fake central pillars, Blend flush flexible led profiles, designed by the company Promani, were installed. The same flexible flush LED profiles have also been applied to the final part of the vaults, closest to the perimeter of the room.

Being flexible, the LED profiles are well suited to follow the curve of the cross vault and illuminate the wine casks positioned along the room.

Flexible LED profiles are an excellent solution to illuminate and complete a curved ceiling. The possibility of easily bending the profile according to the curvature and the final finish, flush with the plasterboard, guarantee a minimal result.