A Tuscan villa with curved shapes – the arched hallways

Let’s discover a unique project, a beautiful villa surrounded by the green Tuscan countryside.

Different curved elements have been chosen to complete several rooms of the villa.

Here we can see the hallways, which have been built with a vaulted ceiling with different levels. One of them is outlined by a series of beautiful arched windows that make the house bright and cozy.

Another hallway has a complete different vault. The arches of the windows extend on the curved ceiling, creating an effect very similar to a cross vault.

The long vaulted ceilings were built using our COBRA Flexible Profile 30mm and the CONCAVE Flexible Stud. COBRA 30mm was used to trace the perimeter all along the hallway and it serves as placing for the insertion of the Concave. The Concave Studs were simply hanged to the standard primary structure with orthogonal hooks (as for a flat ceiling).

The installation of the plasterboards was easy, thanks to the continuous surface created by the Concave. A curved vault without faults!