Construyendo una cúpula con nuestro perfiles flexibles is a great solution both in terms of reduction of labour costs and construction time.

Flexibility, strength, quality, innovation: The Perfiles curvos Cobra, and Concave & Convex studs have been invented to satisfy your sophisticated and creative needs. You can rápida y fácilmente install your own dome!

A continuación se muestran algunos pasos sencillos para crear un cúpula with diameter of Ø 200 cm, on a ceiling of 3 x 3,50 meters:

  • Instale un falso techo plano a la altura deseada
  • The primary structure will be distanced at 80 cm, while the secondary one will be at 50 cm (Ceiling fixing with hangers at a distance 100 x 80 cm)
  • Create the desired circumference from the false ceiling (hole at the base of the dome)
  • Fijar la Cobra 30 mm a lo largo de todo el perímetro del hoyo

  • Obtain a circle (in wood or plasterboard) with a lower diameter than the previous one (about 30 cm) and fix it to the ceiling (with a spring hook) at the desired height
  • Doble a mano el Concave 60×27 studs y arregla un extremo dentro del perfiles Cobra, (at the base of the dome) and the other one on the little circle
  • The distance between the Concave Studs will be determined by the radius of the dome (variable distance)
  • Proceed with the plasterboard laying (thickness 6 mm /10 mm), which will find a continuous structure for optimum shaping.

Follow this installation scheme to determine the distance between the curving profiles and the hangers:

Done! Take a look!

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